A.k.a. Professor Delight

About me

Olutoba was born in Itire-Mushin, Lagos in the late 90’s to a christain middle class family of a musician father and a loving mother. His father Taiwo Obafemi was a choirmaster, vocalist, songwriter, instrumentalist, and a music arranger whose experience is an outstanding one in the field of gospel music before he turns a clergy.
Olutoba, as he was growing in his early second decade, and his touring nature made him stay in many places within Nigeria. He lives for many years with his mother in Epe where he continued his education and received a proper guidance which had a positive impact on his cognitive abilities and social life.
After joining a Celestial Church Choir in Epe, he became more passionate about music and he chose to sing like several legendary singers e.g Asa, Lagbaja, Oluseyi Sholagbade, Louis Armstrong, Angelique Kidjo and other Nigerian singers. He started learning to play the keyboard at Age 15 and grew into a better player despite the fact that he never got his personal keyboard.
He loves to read alot and that influence his writing ability also he likes standing out to talk with his peers and that trained his leadership skills and ability to understand the various personalities of people.


  • Zion African Church Primary School, Otun-Akute.
  • Pobuna Secondary Grammar School, Poka-Epe.
  • Michael Otedola College Of Primary Education, Noforija-Epe.


  • Acting
  • Musical Vocals
  • Fictional writing
  • Screenwriting
  • Poet
  • Teaching